Sing it.

Happy New Year, Rockers!!

I’m so excited for all that 2012 will bring in the world of How to Rock Braces. Like, ohhhh, I don’t know…. the premiere of Nickelodeon’s brand new show How to Rock, airing February 4th? I’ve seen the pilot episode, and let me tell you– tuning in will most definitely be worth it. One of the things I’m most excited about is the original music that will be featured on the show. As I was writing How to Rock Braces and Glasses, I had so much fun developing Kacey and Zander’s musical tastes, so I’m beyond excited to see how the Nick show brings those musical tastes and talents to the screen. Below, check out a video of Cymphonique and the How to Rock cast singing “Only You Can Be You”.

Rock on,



  1. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for it to air!

    Your Number One Fan :)

  2. Already planning the viewing party for February 4th with all the kids on my block. This might seem weird because I’m 29! I’ll invite their moms of course.

    • yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! your comng out with your own show & a movie . i loved your brother romeo when he had his music thing going on and i still do and you tankig after him and your father mr. p miller is amazing , i also love yor newest song all that and i love your old one ( little miss swagger & the one you did with lil king ) . just keep up the good wor and dont let anyone bring you down ( YOUR THE B E S T ! ] <3

      • Hi Viviana! Looks like you’re a serious Cymphonique fan. :) (I am, too.) Glad you’re loving the show– if you have a chance to read How to Rock Braces and Glasses, would love to hear what you think!
        Rock on, Meg

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