Behind the scenes at gURL

Behind the scenes at gURL

Hey there, rockers! I’m back home in sunny Florida after a truly awesome video shoot in New York City for During this trip, I filmed 10 videos for my “How to Deal” series. In each video, I talk about how to deal with a different topic, like bullying, or uber-strict parents. This was the second set of videos I’ve done for gURL, and I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re live on the site! I think they’re going to turn out great, and here’s why…

When you see a web video, or watch TV or a movie– the only people you see are the ones on camera, right? Well, the person in front of the camera is just a part of a much bigger team that works together to bring you the project. During this shoot, I was truly blown away by the talented, creative, and just plan cool peeps at gURL.We shot for two full days in a small studio that’s part of the gURL offices in NYC. Which meant that the director Danielle, the producer/editor Lou, and the hair/makeup artist Chi Chi were stuck in pretty close quarters with me for lots of hours. Believe it or not, they survived. And I had a blast. We shot the videos, plus some still shots for promo purposes. Danielle and Lou were full of awesome ideas, and they made me feel so comfortable and at ease during the shoot. It was basically like hanging out with friends and chatting about important topics– only with a camera rolling! I wish you guys had been there! But since I couldn’t beam you all to New York, I’ll post a bunch of candid shots that Danielle took during the shoot. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

Enjoy, rockers. And for the most recent How to Deal video (this one’s from the first round of shooting)– click here.

Getting beautified before the shoot. Why can't I do my own makeup like this?

Meet our producer/editor Lou. He is deep in thought, as all good producers/editors are.

Filming a How to Deal video!

Shooting still photographs. I'm pretty sure the direction here was "look sassy".

Touching up between segments with Chi Chi, makeup artist extraordinaire


Danielle’s artsy close-up

Time for a wardrobe change!

That’s it for now, rockers! Be sure to check out for a new How to Deal video every week!

Rock on,


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