Bully for you.

Happy June, rockers! Hope you guys are enjoying a sweet kick-off to the summer months. Here’s to three straight months of awesome vacations, chill time with family and friends, and /or the occasional ice cream-induced brain freeze. And for you writers out there, I’m hoping the time off from school will give you some much needed minutes to get your thoughts on paper or on the screen.

Summer means lots of different things to different people. This summer is a time of transition for me– one that I’m seriously excited about. Starting in the fall, I’m going to be working as a counselor at my old high school here in Jacksonville. I can’t WAIT to get back to campus– I’m a major dork and loved school when I was there, so what could be better than going back and spending my days talking with kids? Plus, I’m taking a month off between my current job and the new gig, which means 30 uninterrupted writing days. Bliss.

For some of you out there, summer might mean getting a break from a bully– someone who’s made your school days miserable. Or maybe getting out of school doesn’t necessarily mean getting away from your bully. Either way, it can’t hurt to have a few tips in your back pocket about how to deal with bullying. So I’m sharing my newest video for gURL.com below. If you’ve ever struggled with bullying, or have tips on how to deal with that mean girl or guy at school, let me know in the Comments section. Your experience might be really helpful for someone else.

For more of my “How to Deal” vids, check out gURL.com! Enjoy, rockers. And for more on bullying, check out this post from a while back.

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