Facebook Fever

Hi, my name is Meg, and I think I may have become a crazed Facebooker.

(Hi, Meg.)

Now, I don’t know how it happened, or even when it happened. I remember signing up for Facebook a long time ago, then feeling like it was kind of pointless, then having my nose up in the air at all my college friends who seemed positively obsessed with their timelines. I even remember making snide comments about it. (See also: “Um, don’t you have better things to do then sit and stare at the things other people are doing?”)

And then, sometime between having my nose up in the air and the writing of this blog post, I caught it. Facebook Fever. I check it constantly. I’d give you a number of times per day, but one, I don’t keep those kinds of stats, and two, I’m pretty sure the number would be humiliating.

I think Facebook is great for lots of things. I’ve reconnected with old friends, gotten to see and share photographs from some pretty cool life events. But here’s one of the things I don’t like about Facebook—I end up spending time watching other people have adventures, rather than making my own. I have a college friend who recently moved to Viet Nam, another who has moved to El Salvador. Both of which seem pretty cool when I’m sitting in my living room reading their status updates. J

Recently, I was complaining to a friend about how much of a time suck Facebook can be. And he said something that has stuck with me since.

“Isn’t it about self control?”

Um, duh. So simple, and yet so… true. Facebook is like lots of other things in life—perfectly great in moderation. So here’s my solution: I’m going to hang on to Facebook for now, because it’s an awesome way to connect with friends and an even better way to remind you about How to Rock Break-Ups and Make-Ups, which will be out this September. J But I’m not going to let it (or Twitter, or Pinterest) get in the way of making my own life adventures.

So I’m off, to have some fun offline. Maybe even an adventure or two.

Don’t worry. I promise to post about it. :)

Rock on,


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