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Facebook Fever

Hi, my name is Meg, and I think I may have become a crazed Facebooker.

(Hi, Meg.)

Now, I don’t know how it happened, or even when it happened. I remember signing up for Facebook a long time ago, then feeling like it was kind of pointless, then having my nose up in the air at all my college friends who seemed positively obsessed with their timelines. I even remember making snide comments about it. (See also: “Um, don’t you have better things to do then sit and stare at the things other people are doing?”)

And then, sometime between having my nose up in the air and the writing of this blog post, I caught it. Facebook Fever. I check it constantly. I’d give you a number of times per day, but one, I don’t keep those kinds of stats, and two, I’m pretty sure the number would be humiliating.

I think Facebook is great for lots of things. I’ve reconnected with old friends, gotten to see and share photographs from some pretty cool life events. But here’s one of the things I don’t like about Facebook—I end up spending time watching other people have adventures, rather than making my own. I have a college friend who recently moved to Viet Nam, another who has moved to El Salvador. Both of which seem pretty cool when I’m sitting in my living room reading their status updates. J

Recently, I was complaining to a friend about how much of a time suck Facebook can be. And he said something that has stuck with me since.

“Isn’t it about self control?”

Um, duh. So simple, and yet so… true. Facebook is like lots of other things in life—perfectly great in moderation. So here’s my solution: I’m going to hang on to Facebook for now, because it’s an awesome way to connect with friends and an even better way to remind you about How to Rock Break-Ups and Make-Ups, which will be out this September. J But I’m not going to let it (or Twitter, or Pinterest) get in the way of making my own life adventures.

So I’m off, to have some fun offline. Maybe even an adventure or two.

Don’t worry. I promise to post about it. :)

Rock on,


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Bully for you.

Happy June, rockers! Hope you guys are enjoying a sweet kick-off to the summer months. Here’s to three straight months of awesome vacations, chill time with family and friends, and /or the occasional ice cream-induced brain freeze. And for you writers out there, I’m hoping the time off from school will give you some much needed minutes to get your thoughts on paper or on the screen.

Summer means lots of different things to different people. This summer is a time of transition for me– one that I’m seriously excited about. Starting in the fall, I’m going to be working as a counselor at my old high school here in Jacksonville. I can’t WAIT to get back to campus– I’m a major dork and loved school when I was there, so what could be better than going back and spending my days talking with kids? Plus, I’m taking a month off between my current job and the new gig, which means 30 uninterrupted writing days. Bliss.

For some of you out there, summer might mean getting a break from a bully– someone who’s made your school days miserable. Or maybe getting out of school doesn’t necessarily mean getting away from your bully. Either way, it can’t hurt to have a few tips in your back pocket about how to deal with bullying. So I’m sharing my newest video for below. If you’ve ever struggled with bullying, or have tips on how to deal with that mean girl or guy at school, let me know in the Comments section. Your experience might be really helpful for someone else.

For more of my “How to Deal” vids, check out! Enjoy, rockers. And for more on bullying, check out this post from a while back.

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Like I care. Like, I care.

Like I care. Like, I care.

Recently, I had to make a really tough decision.

Not that I’m looking for pity. We’re all faced with hard decisions every day. Comfy flats or those (literally) killer heels? That DVR’ed episode of How to Rock, or the trig homework you still haven’t finished? Peeta or Gale?

The thing that made this decision really hard was that I knew that there were people who wouldn’t agree with my decision. I also knew that it was the absolutely the right thing for me to do. I knew it in my brain, in my heart, and in my gut.

So why was it bothering me so much that some people wouldn’t agree with my choice?

But it did bother me. It really bothered me. And then it bothered me that it bothered me. According to my driver’s license, I’m an adult. Fully capable of doing an acceptable three-point turn, and of making my own decisions. And if other adults out there don’t agree with my decision, that’s life, right? I can be okay with that, right?


I know there are people out there who can breeze through life with very little concern for what other people think about them. I am not one of those people.  Just the thought of people in my life being unsupportive made me cringe. And sweat. And want to curl up in a ball and never make another decision ever again. And then I realized the reason for all of this: I care. I care about what the people in my life– those in the inner circle and those who are a little less close– think about me. And it’s okay to care. It means that I value my relationships. It means that I’m aware of the impact my actions have on other people. But while it’s okay to care, it’s not okay to let other people’s opinions of me change the way I act, or the decisions I make that I know, deep down, are good ones.

So that’s what I’m working on. Sticking to my choices– the good ones, anyway– without apologizing. And I’ll start with this one:

I would TOTALLY pick How to Rock over Trig homework.

So there.

Do you guys ever struggle with other people’s opinions of you? Let me know in the comments?

Rock on,



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Get it, GURL!

Get it, GURL!

Hey, rockers!

I just got back from the most amazing trip to New York City, and I had the sudden urge to blog you all about it. I always love going back to NYC (I lived there for a bit after college), but this most recent trip was a particularly awesome one. I was in town to shoot some videos with Producer Extraordinaire Danielle Lurie and the team!

The videos are for a new, weekly series I’m doing called “How to Deal” for In each video, I’ll tell you guys How to Deal with different topics, from pushy parents to unavailable crushes. The series will go live on in mid-January, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on exact dates.

The whole day of shooting was so much fun. First, I met Danielle and her crew on location to shoot the opener, or the introduction that will air at the beginning of every segment. When I got there, I was so nervous– since I’ve never really done anything like this on camera, I just knew I was going to screw up in some big, humiliating way. But Danielle and her team were so nice, and really put me at ease. After we shot the opener, we headed to the studio, where we shot FOURTEEN segments in one day. And let me tell you, I have a brand new appreciation for film crews, directors, producers, actors– anyone who is involved in film. It is hard work!! And I had the easy job– just having fun, sharing advice on camera, and spending the day with a super cool team.

Below are a few pictures from the shoot. I can’t wait for you guys to see the final videos! And if you have topics or questions you want to see on future How to Deal segments, send me an Email! Chances are, if you’re struggling with a certain issue, there are tons of others out there who are struggling, too. And I’d love to be able to help.

Okay. Picture time. Here we go…

Shooting an opener for "How to Deal With Being the New Girl". Do I look bummed, or what?

The segments were shot in front of a green screen. Danielle will work her producer magic on these, and the background behind me will look amazing when the videos are finished.

Danielle Lurie, uber-cool gURL and an awesome producer!


Rock on,


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Thankful for choice


Happy day-after-Turkey-day, rockers! I do hope you all had a wonderful day with loved ones, and are now lounging around in pjs, contemplating yet another fridge raid. I spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina with my family. And when I say FAMILY, I mean a solid THIRTY-EIGHT of my nearest and dearest. It was wonderfully chaotic, and I’m so grateful to have spent the day the way we did.

You might have noticed that we’re coming up on the end of the month, and this is only my second blog in November. I usually try to blog about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. But this month, I’ve been slightly absent from the blogosphere. Here’s why.

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